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Patient Testimonials

Thank you to all of the staff at Walsall Wood dentistry. 

You all made my sons first visit comfortable and enjoyable, so thank you.

I was dreading his first visit, thinking he'd have a meltdown but he was brilliant with Mo and all the staff. Thanks again 


Andy B 



Anna A

Happened on Mo’s practice at Walsall Wood purely by chance. Saw that although he was a private practitioner, his prices were very competitive. Upfront, and knowing what you have to pay is so important.
I ended up having a crown to a very badly fractured molar and a bonded bridge filling a gap at the front where the tooth had fallen out (with a bit of a wriggle) during the first Covid lockdown.
Never been happier with the treatment I received. His gentle humour coupled with his charm and reassuring manner put me completely at ease.
Throughout the preparation process, Mo was at all times attentive as to whether I was in any pain, and when the session was over he stressed if there was any discomfort or worries not to hesitate to call him.
On the next appointment, he fitted the crowns. I was offered an injection after he explained there may be some soreness when my new ‘teeth’ were fixed in place. I rejected the offer and felt just a little sensitivity, a teeny bit of an ouch factor when they were fitted.
Then, oh then, I looked in the mirror!
How ironic after a time when I was so glad to wear a mask, I suddenly wanted to slap on the flame-red lipstick and smile at the world.
Mo is an experienced, most capable dentist. I have booked for further treatments in the New Year – 2021. Thank you, Mo (with an honourable mention for Mel, his receptionist/nurse)
Highly recommended

Verity E

Wow! Just had a lot of work done following a year of pain and sensitive teeth. Mo and the team have worked wonders and I am thrilled with the results. Can't speak highly enough of Mo and his staff who looked after me really well and kept me informed throughout. He even phoned after a couple of days to make sure I was OK. All I can say is keep it up and Happy New Year.


Dave P

I have had 2 fillings today, i never felt the injections 💉 Magic Mo has got a good sense of humour as well as being brilliant at his job. His dental nurses all work very hard and are also brilliant. I would definitely recommend him and his staff.

Angie P

Lovely man, very friendly and explained everything he was doing. I would definitely recommend him. The team and Mo are brilliant 👏

Janyne G

Excellent service. Very welcoming. Explained the procedure thoroughly and put me at ease during my treatment. Would highly recommend.

Jan W

Thank you so much Magic Mo can’t believe the ‘Magic’ you have bestowed on my teeth. They have been my worst non-asset since I was young. Magic Mo has worked wonders on them even at my age. Can’t believe the difference and he made it a pleasure to come into the dentistry.

Debra W

I have had a tooth extracted today by Mo Siddiqui. Better known as (magic Mo)
I must say he was fantastic at putting me at ease. He explained everything that he was going to do and informed me every step of the way.
I felt no pain at all and was very nervous about my treatment because of him being new to the practice. That is now not the case.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Adam T

I've been a patient to this dentist for 20+ years. Mr Boynton always knew my fear of dentists (as I had gas mask forced in me as a child) and always looked after me. After he retired I got really anxious but his replacement was lovely. He has now moved on and yesterday had the joy of meeting the new dentist Mo. Wow-what a lovely man. Put me and my children at ease. Even removed my little girl's tooth that was causing her trouble. He was so calm and made her feel comfortable. She's not even scared to go again 👍 she said mommy that new dentist wouldn't force a gas mask on you. Hes so kind.. Donna Timmis.

Aaliyah B

Amazing Service by the new owner Mo along with Jo. Felt really welcomed and very pleased with the outcome of my appointment!

Ismail S

Amazing service by new owner Dr Sidique.
Although a bit of confusion for scale and polish I brought through Groupon which was from a previous owner. Dr Sidique offered to do the clean and polish without charging as I travelled in from far, I felt as he offered to do the clean for free out of the goodness of his heart I wanted to pay for the service instead. Keep up the good work Walsall wood dentistry.

Neil D

Needed a dental appointment asap. Walsall wood dentistry got me in straight away. Excellent service with all treatment being discussed and explained before any decisions made. Thoroughly recommend this practice. Gentle and considerate work done and was extremely grateful to all the team. Will never put off going to dentist again having found Walsall Wood dentistry.

Shannon A

Amazing service! Made me feel so welcome, safe and laughed the way. Thank you for such a great experience. I would recommend this dentist 100%. I even got a well-done sticker!

Ellen M

I came to Walsall wood as an emergency patient needing a wisdom tooth extraction... I’m delighted I did! Since then, I have also needed a root canal procedure, something I had heard horror stories about from others but I can honestly say that Mo and the team put me completely at ease and ensured that I was well informed with all that was happening and was pain-free! The care, humour and aftercare I received were second to none. I can’t recommend Mo and the team more... you might even get a special sticker if you are really brave!

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