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Well Wishers Charity
Toy Appeal

Walsall Wood Dentistry worked with Well Wishers at Walsall Manor Hospital to collect toy donations for children. Thank you to our wonderful patients and dental team for all the presents donated to patients at Walsall Manor Hospital.

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Free Emergency Treatment Day 

Private dentist offering one day of free emergency treatment to 'give back' to community

A private dentist practice in Walsall will be giving 25 free emergency slots to anyone who needs dental care later this month.


Walsall Wood Dentistry is offering free emergency dental care between 9am and 5pm on September 30. Pictured with Dr Magic Mo Siddiqui are, Morgan Westwood, Melissa Daniels and Kellie Stringer.

Walsall Wood Dentistry on Lichfield Road is offering the free slots for one day only on Saturday, September 30 from 9am until 5pm, during which dentists will be able to perform treatments such as fillings and extractions.

Owner Mo Siddiqui, known to many of his patients at Magic Mo, said he is offering the initiative to "give back" to the community amidst a national NHS dental crisis.

The 50-year-old dentist from Stafford said: "We like to give back to the community. Every year we do charity events and food bank collections.

"We have patients ringing every day with emergencies but sadly we are a private practice and we get no funding from the government.

"We feel this is our way to say we are trying. We're getting inundated with emergencies. We can be selfish and stick our heads in the sand or we can help."

Mo qualified as a dentist from Birmingham University in 1997 and has seen monumental changes to the landscape of British dentistry over the last 26 years

Mo said: "Hand on heart, things changed around 2006 with the contract changes. I don't want to get political, but prior to 2006 dentists were paid piecemeal and were paid for the patients they treated and the work they did.

"Each dental practice now has a contract - if over contract NHS allowed to say sorry we're full - they don't get paid for extra patients, prior to that they could.

"There are also workforce issues - there's a shortage of nurses and NHS dentists. Brexit may have played a part in this as we have fewer dentists from abroad."

Mo went on to say: "I left my Nottingham NHS practice because I wanted better for myself and my patients I bought this place three years ago and built it up and up. Now I have extra time to give to more nervous patients who need more TLC.

"Unfortunately some patients can and will pay for private dentistry but some can't." Reflecting on the service he is providing, Mo added: "We're just saying 'let's try and help'. If every dentist did this, think of the difference it could make."

The dentist will be paying all of the dental nurses on the day and no payment will be required from patients, but they can donate to a chosen charity if they so wish.

Mo is encouraging anyone who is able to donate to Walsall Homestart, a voluntary organisation committed to promoting the welfare of families with at least one child under five years of age.

To get in touch about emergency slots, contact Walsall Wood Dentistry on 01543 377158 or email

"Keep Smiling Through Winter" - WWD Charity Winter Dental Campaign

WWD team has teamed up with the following charitable organisations-

1) The Glebe Centre, Walsall 

2) Walsall North Foodbank & Pelsall Church

3) Ablewell Advice Walsall

4) Homeless Team Civic Centre Walsall- Outreach Project

5) As-Suffa Outreach Programme


To offer free emergency dental treatment to homeless, vulnerable & destitute individuals at our private dental practice, over these tough Winter months of – November, December, January & February.


Emergency appointments will be made by these organisations who will contact the practice manager to arrange an emergency dental appointment straightaway. These patients will also leave with a free dental hygiene bag & a 'sugar-free' food pack. 

So shines a good deed in a weary world! 

Keep calm & Keep smiling- We promise it'll get better! 

Dental Assembly & School Visits

  • Brownhills West Primary School

  • St John's CE Primary School

  • Walsall Wood Primary School

  • Cooper & Jordan C Of E School

  • Anna Seward Primary School

  • Greysbrooke County Primary School

  • St. Peter's Church of England Primary Academy

  • Shelfield Brownies

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