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We are delighted to offer you our ‘Magic Dental Plan’. Our very own way to assist our patients in spreading the costs of important routine treatment, with added insurance.

Adults Magic Dental Plan 

£14.00 per month

• 2 Dental Examinations per year

• 2 Hygiene (Scale&Polish only) Appointments per year

• X-rays as and when required

• 10% off Dental Treatment

All patients who join the plan benefit from a Worldwide Accident & Emergency Insurance policy and 10% discount from all practice treatment (excluding orthodontics, implants and tooth whitening).


*The insurance includes cover for emergency treatment worldwide and in the UK, treatment arising from an accident, hospital in-patient cash benefit and £3,000 lump sum for oral cancer.

See Lloyd & Whyte’s website for full terms and conditions.

Children's Magic Plan:

Children between 12-18 = £5 per month

Children under 12 = £3 per month

• 2 Dental Examinations per year

• Fluoride application

• 10% off Dental Treatment

• Emergency Worldwide & UK Dental Cover

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