"Keep Smiling Through Winter" - WWD Charity Winter Campaign

WWD team has teamed up with the following charitable organisations-

1) The Glebe Centre, Walsall 

2) Walsall North Foodbank & Pelsall Church

3) Ablewell Advice Walsall

4) Homeless Team Civic Centre Walsall- Outreach Project

5) As-Suffa Outreach Programme


To offer free emergency dental treatment to the homeless, vulnerable & destitute at our private dental practice, over these tough Winter months of – November & December 2020 and January & February 2021.


Emergency appointments will be made by these organisations who will contact the practice manager to arrange an emergency dental appointment straightaway. These patients will also leave with a free dental hygiene bag & a 'sugar-free' food pack. 

The team at WWD have also promised to:-

A) To donate x100 free dental hygiene bags to each outreach shelter & food bank!

B) We're arranging a monthly nightly soup run to feed the homeless & vulnerable in these cold winter months.

C) We're kindly requesting our patients to donate a 'smile shoebox' for outreach shelters & to food banks! 

So shines a good deed in a weary world! 

Keep calm & Keep smiling into 2021- We promise it will get better!